Brand- HeyGears

HeyGears, founded in 2015, is a forward-thinking company dedicated to delivering cutting-edge digital manufacturing solutions across a variety of industries. With a core focus on 3D printing, software development, materials science, and big data management, HeyGears has established itself as a leader in the digital manufacturing landscape.

The company’s philosophy revolves around a product development process that is deeply intertwined with digitalization and practical industrial applications. By leveraging advanced technology, HeyGears aims to create integrated solutions that encompass hardware, software, materials, and service platforms. This holistic approach ensures that their innovations seamlessly integrate into everyday life, making advanced technology more accessible and useful.


One of HeyGears’ flagship products is the UltraCraft Reflex Combo which combines with innovation and user-friendly design. This consumer-level 3D printing system is a comprehensive, results-driven solution that combines printing, washing, and curing functionalities into a single, cohesive unit. By integrating these processes, the UltraCraft Reflex Combo streamlines the 3D printing workflow, reducing complexity and enhancing efficiency.

Moreover, the UltraCraft Reflex Combo provides users with access to an extensive materials library, which significantly broadens the scope of 3D printing applications. This feature empowers users to experiment with different materials, fostering creativity and innovation. The system is designed to simplify the 3D creation process, making it more straightforward and accessible even for those new to the technology.


HeyGears has incorporated advanced AI algorithms and automated features into the UltraCraft Reflex Combo, ensuring a hassle-free 3D printing experience. These intelligent features help users achieve professional-grade results with minimal effort, transforming their creative ideas into tangible realities. The emphasis on user-friendliness and high-quality outcomes demonstrates HeyGears’ commitment to making advanced 3D printing technology available to a broader audience.