Brand -QuickSurface


QuickSurface is a comprehensive reverse engineering solution that seamlessly integrates with a wide range of 3D scanning technologies. It can handle data exported in popular file formats such as STL meshes and PTX point clouds, making it a versatile tool for users working with 3D scanned data.

One of the key strengths of QuickSurface is its ability to effectively process large mesh files. The software provides a robust suite of tools that enable users to convert these complex mesh models into editable CAD representations. This is particularly valuable in scenarios where the original 3D scan data needs to be further refined, modified, or integrated into a CAD environment for downstream design and manufacturing processes.


QuickSurface offers advanced capabilities for mesh-fitting and parametric modeling. It supports both organic and prismatic geometric shapes, allowing users to create hybrid models that combine different modeling approaches. This flexibility ensures that QuickSurface can accurately capture the intricate details and complex geometries encountered in a wide range of reverse engineering applications.

The software facilitates the export of data in standard CAD file formats, such as IGES and STEP. Additionally, QuickSurface users can seamlessly integrate their work directly into other CAD software packages by building fully parametric history trees. This streamlined data exchange enables a more efficient and collaborative design workflow.