Efficient Manufacturing | Flashforge Debuted at North America’s Largest AM Event


From May 2nd to 4th 2023, the RAPID+TCT 3D Printing Exhibition was grandly held in McCormick Place, Chicago, USA. As the most popular event in the global additive manufacturing industry, RAPID+TCT 2023, with the theme of “The Next Level”, brought together 350+ Additive Manufacturing exhibitors, showcasing the latest 3D technologies and applications in hands-on exhibits. Flashforge company took part in the exhibition and the 3D printer products exhibited here attracted professional audiences from all over the world. 

At this exhibition, Flashforge presented Guider 3D printer series that feature high-speed 3D printing, Creator 3D printer series that feature best-performance 3D printing, and Adventurer 3D printer series that focus on  easy and intelligent manufacturing, showing efficient, stable and easy-to-use digital 3D printing solution to the global audience. The audience showed great interest in the high-precision performance, rapid prototyping capability, and large-scale prototyping characteristics of Flashforge 3D printers in sample printing. Flashforge became widely known in the exhibition!


Small-batch production of flexible customized products with the usage 3D printers has become a trend. Compared with mold processing, 3D printing saves up to 50% of the cost while greatly shortens the production period and responds quickly to market demand. 3D printing has gradually become a better choice when dealing with the small-batch production needs. Flashforge displayed the lightweight Guider 3 3D printer at this exhibition, which has a larger printing space, with the characteristics of quiet and stable 3D printing, and able to run stably and continuously for 7*24 hours. Flashforge Guider 3 is quite suitable for small enterprises when building manufacturing workshops for small-batch flexible products.

Guider 3 Plus is a 3D printing device with large building space, capable of doing fast, stable, quiet and smooth 3D printing. It meets the rapid manufacturing and fast verification of 3D models of various sizes. It offers efficient 3D printing solution, specially to small and medium-sized enterprises, studios, and university laboratories, empowering R&D and design, and accelerating prototype development. With super large printing volume of 350*350*600mm, Guider 3 Plus meets 90% of prototype verification requirements (*data comes from Flashforge usage statistics of global customers). 


Flashforge Creator 4 is a powerful industrial-grade high-quality 3D printer. It’s equipped with 3 types of nozzles, with a constant-temperature chamber of 65°C, and compatible with most engineering materials and carbon fiber composite materials on the market. Creator 4 is good for 3D printing high-performance-material molds. Its advanced constant-temperature chamber system effectively solves the warping and cracking problems that are prone to occur in the process of printing ABS/PC/PA and other engineering materials, ensuring no deform in 3D printing long flat thin-walled models or complex kit models.

Flashforge Adventurer 4 Pro 3D printer, as a newly release product, firstly debuted at the  RAPID+TCT 2023 exhibition. The Adventurer 3D printer series is one of the flagship series of Flashforge consumer-grade 3D printers. It is favored by 200,000+ users. This Pro product, in succession to the original series, brings further high-quality 3D printing experience. It supports a maximum speed of 300mm/s, fast 3D prints with an acceleration of 10000 mm/s², and saves time by 40-60% compared with ordinary 3D printer models. Adventurer 4 Pro is equipped with new extruders and nozzles to ensure the addictive manufacturing quality even in the Fast-printing mode. With automatic leveling, PEI flexible quick-release platform etc., it ensures first 3D printed layer smooth to surface and easy to remove. In addition, Flashforge is also to launch upgrade kit (including high-speed nozzles, firmware upgrades and slicing software), so that old users of Adventurer 3 and Adventurer 4 can purchase it and upgrade their original 3D printers.


About Flashforge FDM

Flashforge is a leading brand in the global 3D printer industry. Founded in 2011, Flashforge company is one of the first batch of Chinese enterprises in researching and developing professional 3D printers and 3D printing materials. Flashforge products, being exported to 69 countries and regions around the world, are widely used in household, education, jewelry, medical care, advertising, high-end manufacturing and other fields. Now it has developed more than 600 brand dealers in more than 50 countries and regions at home and abroad, providing high-quality landing services for end users. Flashforge has deeply cultivated industrial needs and launched refreshed series of FDM 3D printers. 

  • The Adventurer series 3D printers focusing on “easy and intelligent manufacturing” provide users with an efficient and easy-to-use printing experience; 
  • The Guider series 3D printers focus on high speed 3D printing, featuring high-speed prototyping and manufacturing; 
  • The Creator series 3D printers focus on higher-performance-material 3D printing; the high-temperature chamber is adapting for engineered materials and carbon-fiberglass composites. 

Flashforge Corporation provides people with stable and reliable 3D printer equipment, high-quality 3D printing materials, professional slicing software and comprehensive after-sales service. To sum it up, It provides a full range of 3D printing digital solutions to rapid manufacturing, bringing benefits to small and medium-sized enterprises in the globe, accelerating design iterations and productization, and leading a new future to 3D printing intelligence.