New Product Launch: Flashforge’s Latest 3D Printers and Speed Upgrade Kits

“On June 8, 2023, Flashforge, the global leading brand in the 3D printer industry, held a summer new product launch conference. With the theme “Speed matters. Quality matters.”, this conference released 3 new 3D printer products along with 2 sets of 3D printer upgrade kits. These offerings aim to provide high-speed and stable 3D printing experience to Flashforge customers worldwide. Flashforge FDM 3D printers have gone to the era of comprehensively high-speed 3D printing! 

New 3D printer product: Guider 3 Ultra

The Guider 3 Ultra 3D printer incorporates a cutting-edge, ultra-fast algorithm and lightweight yet sturdy hardware. It is equipped with integrated dual extruders, enabling consistently high-speed and stable 3D printing performance. With a printing speed of 500mm/s and acceleration of 20,000mm/s², Guider 3 Ultra is a truly high-speed 3D printing product, providing enterprises, studios, universities, and factories with a good 3D printing solution to fast and versatile manufacturing.

Printing much faster while performing stably well

Guider 3 Ultra is equipped with a powerful computing system that employs vibration suppression algorithm during high-speed 3D printing course, compensating for movement vibrations and ensuring stable 3D printing. It features a stable CoreXY structure and incorporates lighter extruder and gantry designs, guaranteeing continuous stability even at blazing printing speeds of up to 500mm/s and an acceleration of 20,000mm/s². With 2-5 times faster in 3D printing, Guider 3 Ultra is capable of daily printing 2000g filament (with a 0.6/0.8mm nozzle) in maximum, remarkably boosting productivity by up to 400%. Its integrated dual extruders cater to the demand for high-speed printing of complex models. Moreover, it supports the use of easy-to-remove support materials when 3D printing intricate models with overhangs and bridging structures.

Refined Print surface

Furthermore, to ensure perfect 3D printout surface under such continuously stable printing status, the Guider 3 Ultra gets a robust dual-fan air cooling system – Air Cooling System. This system swiftly cools each filament layer, ensuring a refined and superior surface quality. In addition, the dual extruders, guided by pressure compensation algorithms, offer meticulous control over filament flow, resulting in a seamlessly smooth 3D printing process. The latest upgraded FlashPrint slicing software incorporates path planning intelligent algorithms tailored to different models, optimizing the entire 3D printing workflow. Meanwhile, Flashforge is diligently researching and developing 3D printing materials that take on enhanced physical and chemical properties, aiming to escalate the printout quality from the material standpoint.

More efficient in cost and in manufacture

In terms of efficiency and ease of use, Guider 3 Ultra makes itself distinguished with the one-click printing feature. Guider 3 Ultra has undergone a brand-new upgrade in bed leveling and in nozzle replacement, achieving one-click automated bed leveling and tool-free nozzle replacement in just 3 seconds, minimizing impact on the 3D printing process. Additionally, the Guider 3 Ultra continues the feature of large printing space, with maximum printable model sizes of 330*330*600mm (for single extruder printing mode) and 300*330*600mm (for dual extruders mode). Its manufacturing cost per space unit gets much lower than other 3D printer products in the market. That’s to say, with lower marginal cost and higher manufacturing efficiency, Guider 3 Ultra becomes the very choice to markedly reduce your overall cost.

Two more new products: Adventurer 4 Pro & Adventurer 3 Pro 2

Another two newly released Flashforge 3D printers are Adventurer 4 Pro and Adventurer 3 Pro 2, which provide users with an improved 3D printing experience while maintaining stability and ease of use. The following are further improvements of these 2 3D printers in terms of printing speed, printout quality and usage convenience.

3D printing with higher speed: Both 3D printers support an acceleration of 10,000 mm/s² and a maximum print speed of 300 mm/s, reducing printing time by 40-60% when compared to other regular 3D printers.

Renewed head for smoother printout surface: The new extruder assembly and nozzle parts ensures better surface quality of the printed models. Adventurer 4 Pro and Adventurer 3 Pro 2 have three cooling fans and two air vents in the print head. The dual-sided cooling airway allows for faster cooling of the printout models.

Upgraded nozzle options: The high-speed nozzle ensures fast 3D printing without sacrificing print quality; the hardened steel nozzle improves durability, wear-resistant to long-duration 3D printing of carbon fiber materials.

Effectively overcome first layer issues: Both 3D printers feature automatic bed leveling, addressing the previous issues of manual leveling and no leveling. The new bed leveling system utilizes nozzle sensors and multiple point automatic detection. It intelligently compensates for the relative height between the nozzle and the platform through magnetic induction measurement, ensuring a smooth and flawless first layer. The print bed is coated with PEI, providing strong adhesion and preventing the model’s first layer from warping or detaching from the platform. This results in a finer and smoother bottom surface of the model. The magnetic platform can be slightly bent to remove printouts in just one second, eliminating the need for a shovel or other tools.