Discover Filaflex FOAMY, the innovative filament that is transforming additive footwear manufacturing

Advancing in footwear manufacturing with cutting-edge filament solutions like Filaflex FOAMY

Recreus is thrilled to introduce their latest material development, the new Filaflex FOAMY filament. An innovative flexible TPU filament with dynamic foaming technology for printing lightweight and flexible parts, ideal for the footwear industry.

A new era: the 3D printing revolution in the footwear industry

Recreus believed that we are entering a new era in footwear manufacturing, 3D printing technology is revolutionizing the industry. Thanks to additive manufacturing and innovative materials, such as their new flexible Filaflex FOAMY filament, we are witnessing a paradigm shift in the sector.

Until a few decades ago, shoes were handmade, crafted entirely by hand with multiple manufacturing phases and components. However, AM technology has allowed customization for each pair of shoes according to each individual’s needs. 

This new footwear manufacturing method is not only more efficient but also facilitates recycling and material reuse. By using a single material in manufacturing, there is no need to separate it into different components, reducing waste and contributing to sustainability. 

More and more companies are venturing into this field and specializing in 3D printed shoe manufacturing. Institutes or research training centers, such as Footwearology, are also working hard to professionalize and improve these processes in the industry.

The era of personalized and sustainable footwear manufacturing is here, and our company is proud to offer the Filaflex FOAMY filament, ideal for its production.

Discover the new Filaflex FOAMY filament

Filaflex FOAMY is a flexible TPU filament that uses dynamic foaming technology to print lightweight elastic parts with reduced weight and density. Thanks to this technology, we are able to increase the performance and productivity of the filament spool.

Dynamic foaming technology

Filaflex FOAMY is the revolutionary flexible filament in the Filaflex line. This innovative addition to the TPU filament range uses dynamic foaming technology to print elastic and lightweight parts. With Filaflex FOAMY, a significant reduction in weight and density is achieved in printed creations. This new option in flexible filaments from Filaflex offers a unique experience in 3D printing, allowing the creation of more efficient and versatile parts.

Shore hardness 78A-51A

Filaflex FOAMY has an initial Shore hardness of 78A, making it perfect for applications requiring elasticity and fatigue resistance. However, the Shore hardness may vary depending on the printing parameters you configure on your 3D printer, reaching up to a shore hardness of 51A. By adjusting the temperature, flow, and speed, you can obtain different finishes of the same piece printed with Filaflex FOAMY. For example, if you work with a temperature between 245ºC and 250ºC and a flow between 60% and 70%, the material will expand and foam 1.4 to 1.6 times more than its original volume. On the other hand, if you use a higher flow, between 90% and 100%, you will get pieces with higher Shore hardness, less elasticity, and without the foamy texture or finish.

Up to 40% increase in spool performance

Thanks to this technology, the Filaflex FOAMY flexible filament spool offers unparalleled performance, allowing you to print between 30% and 40% more with the same amount of material. For example, if you adjust the flow to 60%, you will get a reduction in the weight and density of the printed piece, allowing you to use between 30% and 40% extra material to print more pieces with that same spool. This will help you maximize your productivity, improving material performance and optimization.

What is dynamic foaming technology?

  • Dynamic foaming technology, used by Filaflex FOAMY, is a process in which a plastic material is capable of expanding and forming foam during printing.
  • This process is achieved by introducing a foaming agent into the plastic material, which is activated during filament extrusion.
  • During printing, the filament with the foaming agent is heated and extruded through the printer nozzle. As the material exits the nozzle, the foaming agent is activated and generates bubbles, causing the expansion and formation of foam within the filament.
  • This foam creates a cellular structure within the polymer matrix, making it lighter and with specific properties, such as increased compression resistance.
  • This technology allows for the creation of objects with reduced weight, increased strength, and improved thermal or acoustic insulation capabilities.
  • Furthermore, dynamic foaming enables the creation of more complex and lightweight structures, reducing material consumption and printing time, which are significant advantages for improving productivity in manufacturing.

Filaflex FOAMY, the best partner for digital footwear manufacturing

Filaflex FOAMY, the best partner for digital footwear manufacturing

As we have seen so far, Filaflex FOAMY is undoubtedly an optimal and perfect filament solution for digital footwear manufacturing.

If you want to know how we have printed a sneaker with this material and what parameters we have configured, don’t miss this timelapse video!

Detail of the parameters used in the video to print the sneaker with Filaflex FOAMY are as below.