Polymaker Wins Best Application Award at TCT Asia 2024, Bringing the Beauty of Additive Manufacturing to Architecture


Polymaker recently won the TCT Asia Best Application Award – Industrial Product Applications for its pellet product, PolyCore™, in the 3D printing of architectural stencils. This honor not only recognizes Polymaker’s innovation and excellence, but also its continued leadership in the 3D printing industry.

With the continuous innovation and advancement of 3D printing technology, utilizing the advantages of 3D printing’s high precision and large size, PolyCore™ was selected as the product range to produce a 5m(L)0.4m(W) 2m(H) brand wall for Polymaker.

Polymaker collaborated with Shanghai Mechanized Construction Group, a subsidiary of Shanghai Construction Group (SCG) and Shanghai Kuying Technology Co., Ltd. to develop and print this wall.

The design of the wall features the Polymaker logo and a multi-faceted pattern, which demonstrates the strength and advantages of 3D printing when implementing creative design ideas in the construction Industry.

The completion of this wall is of great significance. SCG said: “The application of 3D printing technology in large scale shaped concrete formwork will revolutionize the speed and accuracy of manufacturing such as molds in municipal and construction projects. Compared with traditional molds, 3D printing technology effectively reduces the manufacturing cost and construction time, and promotes the transformation of traditional construction to digitalization, industrialization, intelligence, and low-carbonization.”

It is a significant achievement for Polymaker to be recognized at TCT Asia (The most influential additive manufacturing event in Asia) and to be awarded the Best Application Award – Industrial Product Applications, further reinforcing Polymaker’s position and portfolio within the construction field. Detailed information about this case, please click “Architecture Molding Case Printed with PolyCore™”.

“We are extremely honored to win this award at TCT Asia this year. It not only recognizes our team’s unremitting efforts and continuous innovation, but also brings new insights to the construction industry. Polymaker has been a pioneer in applying 3D printing to the construction field, providing a variety of pellet products for the construction industry including indoor design and outdoor construction, and successfully creating projects such as Taopu Central Park Bridge in Shanghai, China, the “Liuyun Bridge” in Chengdu,China, and Namthaja’s Rakah Roundabout Sculptures. In the future, the brand will also continue to devote itself to technological innovation and product optimization to bring more intelligent manufacturing possibilities to the construction industry and make buildings glow with the beauty of intelligent manufacturing.” Polymaker CEO Dr. Luo Xiaofan said.

In addition to the Best Application Award – Industrial Product Applications, Polymaker was also honored as a “10 Years Exhibitor” on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of TCT Asia. This honor represents Polymaker’s longstanding partnership and close relationship with TCT Asia, as well as the brand’s continued contributions to the 3D printing industry.

In the future, Polymaker will continue to uphold the spirit of excellence and innovation, expanding the boundaries of the additive manufacturing field, providing customers and partners with superior solutions, and ultimately advancing the development of additive manufacturing technology.