Autodesk adds BCN3D printers to its Fusion 360 3D design software


Digital software manufacturer Autodesk is incorporating BCN3D printers into its Fusion 360 3D design software, a move that offers users around the globe a fast-tracked printing process. 


Autodesk has decided to make BCN3D printers available for use through Fusion 360, its mainstream CAD software for designing parts and products through all kinds of digital manufacturing tools. Fusion 360 is the main product of Autodesk’s manufacturing division and an exemplification of the company’s vision of bringing manufacturing and design closer together. This inclusion makes our BCN3D printers even more accessible and offers a quick alternative to the standard printing process.

Streamlining the process of design and manufacturing is a critical step in additive workflows. Natively supporting BCN3D printers in Autodesk Fusion 360 will allow users to fully benefit from powerful design, simulation and build preparation features together with BCN3D’s unique IDEX technology in a single, unified platform.” – Sualp Ozel, Senior Product Manager Additive at Autodesk.

All the advantages of Autodesk’s 3D design software

The main advantage of Fusion 360 is speed. If you want to fast track your printing for a quick design iteration of simple parts, Autodesk’s Fusion 360 is an extremely easy way of doing so. Should you not require a visit to our BCN3D Stratos software or any other independent slicer, Fusion 360 can instead be used as your main design tool, where you can then generate the G-code, skip exporting files and slice them directly, making your design process and iterations faster.

This cloud-based software is a manufacturing space to prepare for printing that supports all kinds of manufacturing technologies, made up of lots of environments that you can seamlessly move from one to another to give you freedom in your design. These workspaces are constantly updated and saved so you don’t run the risk of any lost work.

Fusion 360 makes working with the highly productive IDEX technology easy. Choose between Regular, Duplication and Mirror mode and, since the correct postprocessor is already assigned to your BCN3D printer, all you have to do is generate the print file.


With all these beneficial features rolled into one software and your Epsilon or Sigma 3D printer at the ready, the process of printing is now easier and faster than ever. Fusing creativity with efficiency, Fusion 360 provides a new scope of possibilities you can discover with the versatility of your BCN3D printer.