World debut – Flashforge Guider 3 Plus in 2022 Rapid+TCT exhibition in the United States

Flashforge Guider 3 Plus TCT4

On May 17th, the 2022 Rapid+TCT, the largest and most influential 3D printing exhibition in North America, opened in Detroit, Michigan, USA. Flashforge USA, a partner of Flashforge, brought many products to the exhibition, including the Flashforge Guider 3 Plus, Creator 4, Guider 3 Plus, and Foto 13.3.

Of particular note, the Flashforge Guider 3 Plus, a new product that made its global debut at the exhibition, immediately caused a stir among visitors. As a professional-grade 3D printer in the ” Guider ” classic series, the large printing size, high speed of 250mm/s, and convenient intelligent operating experience instantly attracted visitors’ attention.

Flashforge Guider 3 Plus TCT1

As one of Flashforge’s FDM heavy-duty new products this year, the Guider 3 Plus has made revolutionary breakthroughs in functionality and user experience.

Flashforge Guider 3 Plus TCT2

In terms of performance and use of 3D printers, printing size, speed, stability, and printing effect have always been the user’s most concerned issues. The Guider 3 Plus focuses on users’ core needs and has been completely restructured from both software and hardware perspectives. It is a 3D printer with a large size, high speed, low noise, stable printing characteristics, and high model detail performance.

The CoreXY structure operates more smoothly, supporting 250mm/s high-speed low-noise printing, 16mm dual Z-axis ball screw and optical axis ensure stable and jitter-free continuous printing for 7*24 hours, as well as more delicate model quality performance. The brand new software system supports multi-platform intelligent management and open material parameters, bringing more stable and efficient printing processes to small businesses, studios, and university laboratories, ushering in the 2.0 era of professional applications.

Flashforge Guider 3 Plus TCT3

Guider 3 Plus

Last year’s flagship product, the Flashforge Creator 4, still received a lot of attention at the exhibition, especially from enterprise-level users who spoke highly of it. With independent dual nozzles and modular nozzle design, the Creator 4 has a diversity of applications in materials such as ASA, ABS, TPU, and carbon fiber composites, which can be easily and stably printed. In industrial applications, it has superior performance in development validation and building models that are no less than SLS technology.

Flashforge Guider 3 Plus TCT5

The Adventurer 4 is more favored by individual users for its simple and easy-to-use operation in daily use.

Flashforge Guider 3 Plus TCT6

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