Distribution Collaboration Between Mitsubishi Chemical And FormFutura

Formfutura collaborate

FormFutura is proud to announce their distribution collaboration with Mitsubishi Chemical in which FormFutura will become an official distribution partner for Mitsubishi Chemical’s portfolio of 3D printing filaments.

Mitsubishi Chemical has now made its performance polymers DURABIO and 3Diakon available for 3D printing applications through Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF).

Collaboration Between Mitsubishi Chemical And FormFutura3

3Diakon PMMA

3Diakon PMMA by is an extremely transparent Poly(methyl methacrylate) 3D printer filament that combines excellent weathering and UV stability properties with great mechanical properties on impact performance and stiffness. 

3Diakon PMMA is a lightweight filament that is easier to 3D print than other PMMA filaments and 3D printed objects can be made transparent through post-processing by sanding and/or polishing. 

3Diakon PMMA is a strong, lightweight and rigid material. The transparent and glossy finish after polishing is ideal for lighting applications. Excellent UV and weathering resistance and stability make it ideal for outdoor applications.

Collaboration Between Mitsubishi Chemical And FormFutura2


DURABIO is a bio-based engineering filament that combines most of the advantageous properties of Polycarbonate (PC) and those of Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), creating an innovative renewable 3D printing filament with extraordinary properties. 

DURABIO is a 3D printer filament with transparency properties similar to PMMA, but with a much higher impact resistance and improved heat resistance. DURABIO filament outperforms PC for 3D printing applications that require properties such as scratch resistance, hardness, and chemical resistance. That is why DURABIO closes the gap between PC and PMMA.

This bio-based Polycarbonate (PC) 3D printing filament whose main raw material is plant-derived isosorbide is a transparent engineering plastic which has various characteristics distinct from PC filaments made from BPA raw materials.  In particular, its optical properties are superior.  Also light exposure stability and surface characteristics show high performance. 

DURABIO is particularly designed for scratch and impact resistance applications requiring exceptional durable transparency and visual appearance.