TCT ASIA 2022 | eSUN welcomes online and offline friends to visit!


TCT ASIA 2022 will resume on November 3th – 5th.

Although the epidemic has to some extent, killed everyone’s enthusiasm, interest, and budget for this industry exhibition, it is undeniable that all exhibitors have prepared a lot of great content for this exhibition, and TCT is still worth seeing.

eSUN alive everything, and material technology make creation simple. In this exhibition, eSUN will present massive materials and comprehensive multi-industry solutions to offline and online audiences. Welcome new and old friends to visit!


During the exhibition, the official Facebook live broadcast room of eSUN will show you the live event, and the product engineer Yin will introduce the full range of products and applications on display in detail. Please wait!

Live time: Nov. 3rd, 4 p.m.  (UTC/GMT+08:00)

Host: Product Engineer Yin

Live Broadcast Mode: Facebook


Highlight 1: Booth Design


At this exhibition, the eSUN booth was designed and built with the theme of “eSUN alives everything, and material technology makes creation simple”. The round leaf design is adopted on the top of the booth, which on the one hand, represents the environmental protection concept that eSUN adheres to, but also reflects the high-value circular business system of eSUN. Combining materials with new technologies, eSUN is bringing more efficient and cost-effective comprehensive solutions to many industries.

There are five zones in the booth: the comprehensive zone of materials (aesthetic materials, engineering materials, functional materials) and works, the mannequins, and lamps area, the customized orthopedic insole systems zone, the resin and dental applications zone, and the new products zone.


Highlight 2: Key Exhibition Materials

In addition to the previously introduced ePLA-HF and bacteriostatic TPU materials, new products such as PA100 Nylon-Like Resin, S200 Standard Resin(Macaron color), ePLA-Metal, and newly upgraded matte paper reel PLA will also be unveiled in the exhibition! Coming soon!


Highlights 3: Application Case Display

Gathering love, eSUN 3D printing materials help global makers dream. In this exhibition, the eSUN booth will display the works of outstanding makers worldwide. 3D printing rocket models, Cosplay props – Thor’s Hammer, Cosplay models, 3D printing remote control racing cars, etc. eSUN 3D printing materials continue to provide stable material support for most makers with excellent performance and rich appearance.


In addition, in terms of industrial applications, eSUN 3D printing materials also perform well. In this exhibition, we will systematically display solutions for industries such as lamps, mannequins, dentistry, rehabilitation medicine, etc. Welcome interested friends to visit and communicate with us.


eSUN booth has prepared snacks for you. Welcome to visit.

The epidemic has disrupted many people’s normal rhythm of life, but isn’t life just “ups and downs”? eSUN is still full of expectations and hopes to present a fantastic exhibition for everyone in various ways!

See you in Shenzhen on November 3th!