Flashforge Technology empowers customized race cars and provides personalized custom solutions for the Polish PUT Motorsport team.

Flashforge Technology empowers customized race cars

An excellent customized race car must gather a team’s high passion for racing, outstanding creative ideas, and high-performance assembled parts. It is the vehicle for engineers and designers to pursue their dreams. PUT Motorsport is a team of enthusiasts born for creating creative customized race cars, where about 50 students, engineers, and enthusiasts gather together due to their pure passion for racing. Flashforge Technology is lucky to be a part of it and assists the team in quickly designing and manufacturing its first unmanned car.

PUT Motorsport participated in two rounds of the Student Formula Racing Car Competition this year. Six application parts of the racing car model showcased at the exhibition were rapidly printed by the Flashforge Adventurer 2S, and the largest component was the front end of the car. They used topology optimization design and digital 3D printing technology to produce lightweight and sturdy components. The unique shape and manufacturing process of these components cannot be achieved by traditional manufacturing methods.

Flashforge Technology empowers customized race cars2

In all the race car development and manufacturing this year, many parts were 3D printed or made using 3D printed molds. For example, the mold used for laminating the car’s nose is also the largest racing car component that Flashforge Adventurer 2S participated in printing, and the three essential components of the mold were printed by the Adventurer 2S:


Steering wheel mold


Carbon fiber steering wheel film model

Flashforge Technology empowers customized race cars5

Expansion water tank
The water tank has an overpressure real valve and three water pipes printed with high flame-retardant wire material, sealed with high-temperature epoxy resin.

By using the parts printed by the Flashforge Adventurer 2S 3D printer, the overall structure of the racing car was greatly optimized, the performance was improved, and the physical properties were enhanced:

  1. Compared with traditional processing and manufacturing methods, Flashforge 3D printing enables parts to be quickly printed and molded, which can meet the rapid verification of whether the parts are suitable for the structure and performance of the entire vehicle, supporting quick and low-cost multiple design verifications.
  2. 3D printed parts have lightweight characteristics, which can meet the requirements of lightweight body assembly and corresponding stability performance.
  3. 3D printing provides more possibilities for the application of new materials, such as flexible TPU, performance-balanced ABS materials, and flame-retardant polycarbonate materials, providing more possibilities for design creativity.

With the application of additive manufacturing technology in racing car customization, not only is the final assembly cost of parts ten times lower than traditional manufacturing, but also the design of creative customization becomes achievable.

In addition to printing these essential parts for assembly, the Adventurer 2S also helped the PUT Motorsport team print more than 80 different parts, including steering wheels, nose molds, electronic housings, mounting seats, knobs, buttons, fan pipes, and fan covers. Even tools for auxiliary daily work, such as solder paste pressure machines, drill bit containers, long wire rollers, and reusable filament spools, were printed. Moreover, the Adventurer 2S was also used by the team to print low-voltage and high-voltage battery parts with higher material and flame-retardant requirements.

The PUT Motorsport team provided feedback on the assistance they received from 3D printing technology: “3D printing has increased the speed of our prototype production by several times. We can try out new ideas faster without relying on external manufacturers, which helps us complete our final designs.”

Flashforge Technology empowers customized race cars11

The FlashForge Creator 2S is a high-performance desktop 3D printer with many advantages, including long-term stable operation, high success rate, large size molding, and remote cloud monitoring. It is widely used in the production and manufacturing processes of multiple industries to improve the efficiency of prototype verification and component printing, and to speed up overall manufacturing efficiency.”