Flashforge Boosts Chinese Colleges in Cultivating 3D Intelligent Manufacturing Talents


In recent years, 3D printing technology has been rapidly advancing and the cultivation of talent in the field has received strong support from the government and higher educational institutions. 3D printing equipment can be used in the education field as technical support for research and teaching, or as a tool to foster students’ professional skills and innovative capacity.

Generally, 3D printing is being used in education through the establishment and population of 3D printing labs in schools. FlashForge, a well-known Chinese manufacturer of 3D printing equipment, has a long history of exploring the needs of 3D printing in colleges and universities. Let’s take a look at the professional 3D printing solutions that FlashForge has provided in education, and how they have helped build 3D printing laboratories and digital manufacturing classrooms in higher educational institutions in China.

Case 1: Intelligent Manufacturing Laboratory at Shanghai Institute of Technology

The Shanghai Institute of Technology (SIT) has incorporated 3D printing into education through the establishment of a new intelligent manufacturing laboratory. After detailed communication with the school teacher in charge of the project, FlashForge learned that the school needed a set of desktop 3D printers with general sizes, stable performance and ease of use. They recommended the FlashForge Guider 2S 3D printer to the SIT school.

The Guider 2S 3D printer has a high printing success rate, stable performance, good compatibility with various printing materials and with an webcam monitoring feature. Until now, the 3D printing laboratory at SIT has been used extensively for scientific research and student education, providing great support for teachers and students in creative design and scientific research.



▲ Intelligent Manufacturing Laboratory of SIT

Case 2: Digital Design & Addictive Manufacturing Laboratory of Zhejiang Industry Polytechnic College

Zhejiang Industry Polytechnic College (ZIPC) offers a program in Mechanical Design, Manufacturing, and Automation to cultivate students’ technical ability and engineering spirit. The college established a 3D printing laboratory to give students an opportunity to learn about digital design and additive manufacturing. The Digital Design & Additive Manufacturing Laboratory is equipped with various sets of FDM 3D printers, including the industrial-level Creator 4 3D printer and the professional-level Creator 3 Pro 3D printer and Guider 2S. The 3D printing lab education at ZIPC meets the needs of testing complicated digital 3D models and researching a wide range of 3D printing materials. ZIPC graduates with this learning experience become a strong reserve force for the additive manufacturing industry! 


▲Digital Design & Addictive Manufacturing Laboratory of ZIPC 

Other cases:


▲3D Printing Lab of University of Nottingham Ningbo China


▲3D Printing Classroom of AI & Manufacturing School of Hechi University

printer room

▲3D Printing Lab of Fuzhou Hi-tech Zone Medium Occupation School of Arts  

Flashforge promoting the use of 3D printing in education

3D printing in education is playing a critical role in bridging learning and innovation, scientific research and application, as well as bridging ideas and products. Flashforge Enterprise is a Chinese pioneer in manufacturing 3D printing devices and 3D printing materials. Until now, Flashforge has got ten product series, with dozens of 3D printer products and complete industrial chains covering 3D design software, 3D printers, 3D printing consumables and 3D printing services. With over 400 agencies of Flashforge brand distributing all over the globe, Flashforge is actively carrying in-depth collaboration with higher educational institutions both domestically and abroad, to further the use of 3D printing in education!