13th Snapmaking Contest Winning Projects: Make a multi-color print


The result of the 13th Snapmaking Contest just came out! Let’s take a look at the winning projects below. 

1st Prize: Escape room prop by David Bodsworth



This might not look that interesting to many people, but I was quite impressed with how I managed to make it. It’s a prop for our escape room and is supposed to look like the numbers are just written in marker pen, but actually, they are printed, so will never wear off. What impressed me more was I managed to do this with the original single extruder print head, with the black printed on the first layer and the gold printed around it, so it’s completely smooth.


2nd Prize: Pikachu wallet by prash


When I gifted my friend a yellow version of my wallet, she said it reminded her of Pikachu, so when I got my first multi-material 3D printer, I knew what I had to do..


3rd Prize: A 3D-printed gadget to house Apple watch charger by Graham Woof


Attached are two images of my latest multi-color print project. Only received the Dual Extrusion 3D Printing Module one week ago. It is a life-size 3D replica of the Apple logo for housing my Apple watch charger, printed in 2-color PLA.