Unveiling Anycubic Kobra 2 Series: Discover Fast Printing 3D Printers

As a leading global manufacturer of 3D printers, Anycubic, proudly announced the launch of their four latest FDM 3D printers – Anycubic Kobra 2 Series on September 1st, 2023! These printers are the result of their meticulous research and development, and they stand out as high-quality, affordable, and fast printing solutions.

More About Anycubic Kobra 2 Series

It’s worth noting that Anycubic has been progressively embracing fast and smart printing technology. All the models in the Anycubic Kobra 2 series are capable of achieving high-speed printing. Three models all support remote control through an app, making the printing process more intelligent. Furthermore, there’s a new UI and a modular assembly design, allowing you to experience a faster setup right after unboxing, as assembly time might only take around 10-20 minutes.

Anycubic Kobra 2 Neo – Speed up, Catch up

Anycubic Kobra 2 Neo stands as the new high-speed entry-level FDM printer. While being an entry-level option with an affordable price, it is small but complete, including automatic bed leveling as a standard offering. Its maximum printing speed of 250mm/s is five times faster than the typical 50mm/s speed of common printers. Additionally, some designs help make the Kobra 2 Neo more user-friendly. For example, modular assembly and upgraded user interface improve the printing experience, and users can complete setup within ten minutes to enjoy 3D printing faster.

Anycubic Kobra 2 Pro – Speed Ace

How to achieve fast printing or how to speed up a 3D printer have always been a hot topic. Anycubic Kobra 2 Pro takes the lead as the fastest printing option within the Kobra 2 series, boasting a top print speed of 500mm/s and an acceleration of 20,000mm/s². To make its fast printing feature more intuitive, it can build a Benchy model in just 15 minutes.

However, it’s important to note that while many printers may have high print speed and acceleration settings, they can often result in reduced print quality, like ringing and ghosting. Therefore, high-speed printing requires higher demands on hardware. To ensure smooth and precise movement paths, the Kobra 2 Pro is equipped with double metal spindles and SG15 bearings for the X and Y axes, as well as a dual lead screws Z-axis configuration. Additionally, it supports vibration compensation and flow control, significantly reducing printing defects during printing.

Anycubic Kobra 2 Plus – Balanced print, Thrilled speed

If your workspace does not have enough room to place such a huge machine like the Kobra 2 Max, yet a small-format printer like the Kobra 2 Neo fails to meet your requirements, then Anycubic Kobra 2 Plus is your ideal choice. The Kobra 2 Plus is a well-balanced high-speed printer in all aspects. In terms of print area, it’s relatively large, allowing you to create an entire helmet in a single print. When it comes to printing speed, it surpasses many traditional printers, reaching a remarkable 500mm/s. Lastly, it comes equipped with smart printing features, including a filament runout detector and support for the Anycubic app.

Anycubic Kobra 2 Max – Speed exceeds, Size expands

Anycubic Kobra 2 Max, embodies three significant features – an immensely large print area, 10x high-speed printing, and smart control – all combined into one flagship machine in 2023. It is the top pick for ambitious makers. Because, it boasts an extremely huge build volume of 420 x 420 x 500mm, and you can effortlessly create costume helmets in one piece. No more need for the intricate work of printing and assembling separate parts. Just like Kobra 2 Plus, it offers a 10x printing speed, reaching an impressive maximum of 500mm/s and an acceleration of 10000mm/s². Additionally, it also supports remote control via the Anycubic APP, making the printing process more intelligent.

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