A Journey of Growth and Innovation: Over 100,000 3D Scanning Systems Delivered Worldwide

SHINING 3D is proud to report the sale of over 100,000 of its 3D scanning systems worldwide. This has been achieved thanks to trusted partners and customers, in hand with quality customer service, significant R&D investment, and a diverse product portfolio.

100k SHINING 3D Scanners

Since its establishment in 2004, SHINING 3D has consistently strived to deliver accessible and user-friendly 3D vision technology to users across all industries. Today, these efforts have culminated in a significant milestone: they are proud to share that they have dispatched over 100,000 SHINING 3D scanners worldwide.

The significance of this achievement cannot be overstated. It represents the impact SHINING 3D has made in revolutionizing the way industries approach 3D scanning. Their reliable, cost-efficient solutions have empowered thousands of businesses and individuals to explore the possibilities this technology offers.

As they celebrate this milestone, they renew their dedication to democratizing 3D scanning technology and meeting the evolving needs of industries and users worldwide. With the continued support of their stakeholders, they are confident that they will continue to push boundaries and redefine what is possible with 3D vision.

Pillars of Growth: Customer Service and R&D

In addition to the support of its stakeholders, SHINING 3D’s growth is intrinsically tied to two pillars: unwavering commitment to customer service and continuous investment in research and development.

With a global presence spanning Asia, Europe, and North America, and a robust network of local sales partners all around the globe, we ensure swift and dependable customer support and training.

Through this network, they actively seek and embrace customer feedback, using it as a valuable resource to improve their products and tailor them precisely to user needs. To empower their engineers with the agility to do so, SHINING 3D reinvests over 20% of its revenue back into R&D each year. 

This synergy between customer service and R&D is what will continue to fuel their identity as a dynamic and innovative provider of 3D vision technology over the next decades.

One Provider, Many Industries

While many of their solutions are versatile, a “one size fits all” 3D scanner does not yet exist. Different users have different priorities, whether it’s precision, resolution, texture, or flexibility.

That’s why their portfolio is so diverse. SHINING 3D offers a wide range of solutions that enable individuals and businesses to access 3D scanning without the frills. From industrial-grade solutions for precision metrology to entry-level devices for makers and schools, there is a reliable option for each use case and budget.

Metrology: Utmost precision, accuracy, and reliability

SHINING 3D’s metrology solutions consist of hardware and software packages that cater to industrial-grade applications like quality inspection and critical part maintenance. They are made with the best optical components and lasers to provide the highest accuracy of the SHINING 3D lineup.

“We have purchased FreeScan UE and Digimetric with the need to measure details with adequate precision before and after mechanical processing. We mainly work with welded carpentry [where] objects from a previous processing phase might have errors which could lead to longer processing times than expected. Accurately acquiring the geometry of the pieces to be processed allows us to considerably save time during mechanical processing. FreeScan and Digimetric allow us to achieve a high precision so that we can also have the opportunity to check the work performed.”

Luca Forgiarini, Owner, Officine Forgiarini SRL, Castions di Strada, Italy

Professional: Flexibility, modularity, and precision

Their 3D scanners for professionals are covered by the EinScan line-up of desktop, handheld, and hybrid devices. They’re cost-effective solutions that are easy to install and use, perfect for novices and advanced users alike. SHINING 3D EinScan scanners are ideal for reverse engineering and product design use cases.

“I was impressed by the range of applications (from art to industrial) and different scanning processes (fixed vs. freehand). The industrial and color packs added all the extra features I needed. The total price was within budget and significantly more approachable than other competitors. I was floored by the detail captured and the ease of use. It just works and works phenomenally.”

Logan Hamilton Davis, 3D Artist, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

Dental: Modern, effective, and patient-friendly digital dentistry

The SHINING 3D Dental product line has grown into one of the most comprehensive and cost-efficient workflows for dental professionals around the world.

Our solutions cover intraoral 3D scanning for chairside analysis, automated desktop scanners for dental labs, face 3D scanners for orthodontic simulation, and resin 3D printers for same-day treatments.

“SHINING 3D Digital Solutions have taken my clinic from the stone age to the digital age. It is the only company that covers the entire workflow from scan to print.”

Dr. Jianjun Hao, Orthodontist, Aurora, IL, USA

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