Flashforge released its new flagship product, the Guider 3 Plus, ushering in a new era of professional application speed

New product Guider 3 plus1

Guider 3 Plus

The Guider 3 Plus is a professional-grade 3D printer specifically designed for the field of prototype design. It supports a super-fast printing speed of 250mm/s, delicate model appearance, and a huge printing volume of 350*350*600mm. It provides a fast, intelligent, and efficient printing experience for small businesses, studios, and university laboratories, and offers 24/7 continuous productivity to accelerate prototype development.

The following are the core highlights of the Guider 3 Plus.

Ushering in a new era of professional application speed

Efficiency, model surface quality, and print size are the focus of many 3D printing users. Flashforge has deeply understood the pain points of its customers, and to meet the comprehensive needs of professional users in terms of printing speed, size, and model quality, has re-innovated the Guider 3 Plus in terms of speed, precision, and size.

1.   Faster speed for efficient printing

The Guider 3 Plus adopts the CoreXY motion structure and is equipped with high-precision linear guides to ensure a smooth and accurate motion trajectory, reducing resonance frequency. It supports high-speed, low-noise printing at a speed of 250mm/s and acceleration of 2000mm/s². The faster printing speed ensures faster model prototype verification and a quicker response to the market.

New product Guider 3 plus2

Core XY

2.   Finer model surface quality

A more stable machine platform structure – with a diameter of 16mm optical axis, double-sided 16mm TBI ball screw, and a maximum platform bearing capacity of 30kg, shaking is reduced during the printing process, making it stable even when printing large models. Dual Z-axis ball screws ensure accurate positioning of the model on each layer, while software automatically compensates for and suppresses the surface vibration of the printed model to obtain a finer model surface quality in the Z-axis direction.

New product Guider 3 plus3

Guider 3 Plus Printed Works

Smart and user-friendly operation, simple and efficient

Flashforge pays attention to the user’s experience at every printing stage and not only continues all the convenient functions of the previous printers but also upgrades each function further from the printing process, in both software and hardware, to provide a more intelligent and user-friendly operating experience.

1.   Sealed consumables cabin

The Guider 3 Plus has a double-sealed drying consumables cabin on the back, with each cabin holding 1KG of consumables. A humidity meter is also included to provide a visual indication of the humidity level, enabling precise control of the consumable environment. Placing three packs of drying agents in the consumables cabin in a general environment can ensure that the humidity level remains below 20% within 5 days, effectively ensuring that the consumables are in a sealed and dry environment whether in use or in idle status.

New product Guider 3 plus4

2.   Intelligent production management

Supporting remote management of 3D printers on multiple platforms such as FlashPrint 5, the Guider 3 Plus provides one-click printing, real-time monitoring, efficient integration of equipment management, intelligent production management, and automatic shutdown after printing is completed, which is safer, more energy-efficient, and worry-free for night-time operation.

New product Guider 3 plus5

3.   Maintenance management

The Guider 3 Plus comes with a maintenance assistant, which provides solutions to common printing problems, saves communication time, and achieves efficient maintenance.

Focusing on design and development, with 7/24-hour continuous productivity.

The Shanzhai 3D printer series has a large molding space of 350*350*600mm. The 600mm vertical Z-axis height meets the printing needs of most manufacturing parts, and a single large-sized model can be quickly formed without the need for splicing and assembly.

The newly designed nozzle structure has a 320°C high-temperature nozzle, a dual-gear extrusion system, and a 150% increase in wire feeding force, which reduces clogging and adapts to a variety of consumables such as PLA/ABS/PC/PETG/ASA/PP, making it suitable for a wider range of applications. This ensures the continuous and stable production needs of professional applications.

Since 2018, the Shanzhai 3D printer series has moved from consumer-level products to professional industrial-level products. As the newly launched professional-level 3D printer, the Leader 3 Plus focuses on the field of prototype manufacturing, aiming to accelerate prototype development and verification, bring a milestone change in production efficiency to enterprises, and help the industry to develop rapidly.